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All On 4 Dental Implants in Turkey

Implants are titanium screws used in the treatment of tooth loss and placed in the jawbone. While treating the tooth, other teeth are not damaged. This means that adjacent teeth do not need to be cut.

Who Can Be Treated with Implants?

Implant treatment is applied to people over the age of 18 who have completed their jaw and facial development. People who use blood thinners are asked to take a break at the beginning of the treatment. The all-on-four treatment concept is a technique in which a fully fixed jaw restoration is performed with 4 implants on the same day of surgery. The main goal of this procedure is to enhance the function and the aesthetic of teeth while boosting the patient’s self-esteem.

What is All-On-4 Dental Implant?

What is All-On-4 Dental Implant
What is All-On-4 Dental Implant

The all-on-four technique has been used for 20 years and its scientific success has been proven. In this technique, 2 implants are placed in the posterior jaw at an angle of 30-45 degrees, and the remaining 2 implants are placed perpendicular to the anterior region. When the bone in the mandibular region is fused, the nerves of the lower jaw pass here, and the maxillary sinuses prevent dental implants in these areas. Advanced surgical techniques are required here, which means a treatment period of about a year and high costs for the patient. All-On-4 Dental Implant in Turkey offers the patient a fixed prosthesis to face these anatomical obstacles. In the All-on-Four technique, implants are placed within hours. After 3-4 months, permanent restorations are made. At this stage, if certain criteria are met in terms of bone structure and bone stability, the temporary prosthesis can be applied within days.

Dental implants are one of the methods developed to replace teeth lost due to chewing, bad taste, speech, pain, and appearance. However, it is treated with dental implants in patients who are toothless or at risk of early full edema. Sinus lifting in edentulous patients is a fast and effective treatment used to eliminate the need for the further procedure due to osteoporosis and bone deficiency.

How does the treatment take place?

During the treatment of All On 4 Dental Implant in Turkey, measurements of teeth are taken from the patient before the surgery and temporary prostheses are prepared. If the patient needs tooth extraction, it is performed under local anesthesia and then the implants are placed. Temporary prostheses are made by measuring the upper part of the implants applied.

What Should Be Considered After All-on-Four Implant Treatment?

Patients should take their prescribed medication regularly and should not consume anything extremely hot or cold for several days. All-on-four patients are not allowed to eat solid food under any circumstances during the temporary restoration period. This is to reduce the load and pressure on newly applied dental implants. After 3 months, patients can start to eat normally with permanent dentures.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage is to be able to apply the implants and prostheses on the same day without the need for advanced surgical techniques. Since no pressure is applied to the surgical area, soreness after the surgery is moderately low.

  • It provides the opportunity to make a fixed restoration in one-day surgery in orthodontic patients.

  • If the implant cannot be placed due to bone loss in the posterior region of the two jaws, it is possible to use fixed and aesthetic porcelain teeth with 4 implants placed in the anterior region.

  • Short treatment duration.

  • It provides aesthetic appearance, smile design, and aesthetics that can be planned individually.

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • It is suitable for patients who cannot use removable prostheses and have a sucking reflex. It is easy to get used to and use as it does not close the patient's nasopharynx.

  • On the same day, if there is a suitable indication, the implant post is placed and a temporary restoration is made on the implant, the patient leaves the clinic with a temporary prosthesis.

  • Since the number of treatment sessions is low, it is suitable for patients with limited time.

  • The clinical follow-up and treatment of patients using the All-On-4 Dental Implant in Turkey are much more comfortable.

Why All-On-Four Treatment

The treatment concept of All-On-4 Dental Implant Turkey is a technique in which full chin immobilization is performed with 4 dental implants on the same day as surgery in patients with protrusion and sagging. It provides patient satisfaction by considering function, aesthetics, taste, speech, and self-esteem. Also, the angled position of the posterior implant prevents bone grafting and wasting time.

Better Results Even in Difficult Situations

All On 4 Turkey
All On 4 Turkey

Longer implants can be used by tilting the implant from the posterior region. This method increases the contact between the bone and the implant and prevents the longitudinal bone from being lifted. In addition, angled implants receive support from the anterior region with better bone quality and prevent anatomical damage. If misaligned, the implant may not be placed in these areas due to bone resorption, reduced distance to the mandibular neural tube, and collapse of the maxillary deep sinuses. In this case, using All On 4 Dental Implant in Turkey, an anterior-only implant may be the only option for the permanent restoration. Most patients with full dentures cannot maintain full chewing function over time due to poor denture retention, especially in the lower jaw.

Fixed prostheses that are applied with the All On 4 Dental Implant in Turkey, enable patients to eat and chew food without pain and difficulty. In addition, bone tissue is preserved as the implant is placed to prevent further fusion of the jawbone. Due to the stability of the restoration provided by the implant, the patient does not need more complex restorations.

In cases where bone tissue has severely deteriorated, surgeries to strengthen bone tissue increase the risk of complications related to these surgeries over time. Thanks to the All-On-4 Dental Implant in Turkey procedure, minimal surgical operations are performed, and the risks of these surgical complications are minimized.

In Which Conditions Can All-on-Four Method Be Applied?

  • If there is a sufficient amount and density of the bone in the area between the premolars of the corrective jaw

  • Good standard of oral hygiene before the scan

  • If the physician has sufficient knowledge and experience in this regard

  • If there is an opportunity to make temporarily fixed restorations with knowledge and equipment in the laboratory

What Should Be Done After Applying the All-On-Four Technique?

Patients should take their prescribed medication regularly and should not consume anything extremely hot or cold for several days. All-on-four patients are not allowed to eat solid food under any circumstances during the temporary restoration period. This is to reduce the load and pressure on dental implants. After 3 months, they can start to eat normally with permanent dentures.

In most cases, implants and restorations can be virtualized without the need for further surgery. This saves time and reduces costs. A temporary prosthesis is made that the patient can use during the day. In this way, to ensure that the person is not deprived of social activities. Performing a temporary restoration can lay the foundation for a future permanent restoration both aesthetically and functionally.

All-On-Four Implant Treatment in Turkey Application

All On 4 Dental Implant Turkey is safely planned and applied to the patient by making the necessary measurements using CT scans after the patient's clinical examination and radiographs.

The All On 4 Dental implant system is an ideal method for patients with bone loss in posterior tooth regions using fixed teeth. On the day of implantation, a permanent temporary restoration is applied to the patient and the implant heals with these temporary teeth. After the restoration, the patient's permanent cosmetic teeth are applied.

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