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Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

Zirconium Crowns in Turkey
Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

Dental prostheses are mainly applied in the form of porcelain veneers. These prostheses are divided into metal-supported and non-metal-supported. These aesthetic needs enable it to be used more frequently in the treatment of teeth with zirconium-based structures, which is a more aesthetic approach in dentistry. Zirconium crowns in Turkey belong to the group of non-metallic prostheses and offer a more natural appearance compared to metal-protected crowns.

What are the Types of Dental Crowns in Turkey?

Dental crowns are treatments applied in cases of excessively worn or decayed teeth. The treatment of crowns is basically done with 3 different alternatives: metal porcelain, zirconium, and full ceramic porcelain. One of the most important benefits of dental crowns is that they significantly extend the life of your teeth. Of course, giving positive results cosmetically is another advantage of crown treatments. If you have aesthetic problems with your teeth and want to prolong the life of your teeth and make them last longer, you can choose crown treatment.

Zirconium Crown Turkey
Zirconium Crown Turkey

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Crowns in Turkey?

Zirconium crowns, because its light transmittance is higher than metal veneers, dark Zirconium veneers do not create a color on the gums, and you will not experience problems such as black reflection from the gum line that may occur in metal-coated porcelain. In addition, zirconium dental crowns provide a healthier, more transparent, and natural appearance. Zirconium crowns are gingival friendly and gum disease is less common around zirconium crowned teeth than metal ones.

Zirconium crowns are white, heat resistant, and an ideal type of dental treatment for patients allergic to metal materials. Thanks to the light transmittance of the zirconium crowns, the matte surface disappears, and a more aesthetic and natural appearance is provided. Zirconium crown users are not sensitive to heat and cold. Zirconium minimizes the stains caused by smoking or other reasons, does not cause bad breath, does not cause gum problems, and does not change the taste in the mouth.

Features of Zirconium Dental Veneers

It looks natural and is very durable. Except this;

  • Corrosion resistance is high.

  • It is strong and durable against oxidation.

  • It is long-lasting and does not contain metal.

  • Since they are translucent, they transmit light and are the teeth most compatible with milk teeth.

  • Thanks to its smooth porcelain surface, Zirconium crowns do not change color and there is no plaque accumulation. Therefore, it is not affected by the staining of foods such as coffee, tea, and tobacco.

  • It stays in the mouth for a long time when it is checked regularly.

Zirconium Crowns in Turkey Cost
Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

What is the Zirconium Crowns' Process?

When the teeth are slightly smaller and the gums return to a healthy shape, measure with special impression material and a spoon adapted to the mouth. In the laboratory, the colored zirconium substructure is the most suitable for teeth, and the porcelain superstructure is produced in the clinical environment and adapted to the mouth. Finally, it is firmly and permanently attached to the tooth with a special adhesive.

Zirconium crown is applied like other dental crowns treatments you know. As with metal-supported veneers, minor corrections are made on the tooth to be coated before zirconium dental treatment is applied. With these modifications, the tooth is often scaled and shaped so that the crown can fit over it. The zirconium crown, which does not harm the teeth, is produced in a special measure according to the structure of the mouth and teeth, using CAD / CAM technology in the laboratory environment. The porcelain upper structure is processed on a zirconium-based structure, this structure is made to have the same color as the tooth and is suitable for the tooth in the clinical setting. In the final stage, it is adhered to the tooth with a special adhesive of the dental veneer and bonded permanently.

Is Treatment with Zirconium Porcelain Veneer Painful?

Cutting is made under local anesthesia and then a temporary crown is applied to match the tooth color to prevent sensitivity in hot and cold weather. Although this is rare and uncommon, some pain may be felt. With permanent tooth adhesion after restoration, this process will be completed painlessly.

How Long Does Zirconium Crown Treatment in Turkey Take?

If there is no need for a different treatment before gum treatment or prosthesis treatment, the procedure is completed within a week. In patients with gingival problems, the procedure may take longer than a week, as gingival treatment should be performed first.

Anesthesia is given to the patient by dentists working in oral health centers and dental hospitals so that the patient does not feel pain during the veneer process. The treated teeth are reduced and the appropriate amount is remeasured. Temporary teeth are placed in the place of the teeth that shrink due to protrusion. Tooth color selection is made together with the patient. The teeth were measured during an average of 5 days of preparation and replacement of temporary teeth. A periodic medical examination is recommended, and the patient's treatment is completed.

Things to Consider Before and After Zirconium Crowns in Turkey?

One of the questions many patients wonder about the zirconium lining material is whether the zirconium crowns cause pain. When the incision is made before the procedure, the patient is given local anesthesia not to feel any pain during the procedure. Considering the advantages of zirconium dental crowns, benefits are obtained when this application is maximized. You should not experience any cosmetic problems as the treatment is short and usually completed within a few days. In fact, if you do not have any health problems, especially in your teeth or gums, you can complete the treatment in as little as one week.

Zirconium crowns should stay away from very cold or extremely hot foods and drinks for about a week, and you should know that you should not consume sticky and hard foods. If your dentist has asked you to make an appointment for a check-up, you should not postpone this appointment. Although the adaptation period to zirconium veneers varies from person to person, most of our patients report that they feel as if there is nothing in their teeth within 5-10 days and gradually get used to the veneer very quickly.

How Much Are Zirconium Crown Prices?

Zirconium veneer Turkey, prices vary according to the number of teeth you plan to order. The quality of the zirconium used, the laboratory work and the qualifications of the dentist are other reasons that can affect the price movement. Zirconium teeth are known for their more natural appearance compared to metal-coated porcelain teeth, which have gained a reputation as the most natural bonding method in the past. Zirconium crowns, the newest and most loved tooth in aesthetic dentistry applications, are the most modern and technologically advanced form to meet the increasing aesthetic demands in the dental world.

Today, zirconium, which is mainly used in tooth making and consists of a white substance, is extracted from its pure mineral form and converted into a material called zirconia ceramic. The absence of metal makes Zirconium crowns stronger, aesthetic, gingival compatible, and much more durable.

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